Too Much Liberty on Liberty Street…

My days as a Madam on Liberty Street are soon to end…I hope!

BTW, I don’t think I mentioned it before as I was a bit bereft when I found Junior (one of Button’s kits from her first litter way back in 11/8 of 2013) lying quite dead near tire tracks on the grassy west side of the house.  Apparently he got thumped when Len moved the car from one side of the house to another.  The Way of the Wild, I say.  It’s the Way of the Wild.  If I say it enough times, I begin to believe.

Anyway, there are now 6 combined cats and kits.  Mama Cat (Button) has left the fold. After she was spayed on 6/9, Button returned to her kits and continued to show up for a snack now and then.  But within a month she took off for places unknown and has not been seen since.  You go girl!  Have a fun, carefree, child-free rest of your life!  I love you, Button!

So now there are 4 kits soon to be spayed/neutered.  Mary Cat of PetFix has changed the dates twice.  She says the  PetFix vets are turning away any kits under three pounds so to be on the safe side, their surgery date has been changed to August 20th..


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