Dateline: Cattail Alley, Conneaut, OH

This morning ABC greeted me at the door with a mouse…quite dead.  Or was it a mole?  I still don’t know the difference.  Anyway,  while I’m mulling over the question “Is it a mole or a mouse?”, and ABC is sitting proud, waiting for my approval,  wouldn’t you know,  Pippi sneaks up from behind and steals it away.   There’s a staring standoff and then with  mouth full of mousey moley, Pippi streaks off for a feast.  PurrBaby and Missy are on standby nearby waiting for leftover tail or paw.

Well, it’s time to roundup the swamp kits and haul ’em off to the PetFix clinic tomorrow.  All of ’em:  Wheezer, PurrBaby, ABC and Pippi.  Gonna have to trap ABC and Pippi…they’re still very feral.  Stunted social skills thanks to an over-protective mom!  Gonna be off to NZ soon and need to find homes for the kids…any takers???

Junior, Blackie and Little Girl aka Missy used to show up in the morning smelling like a smelly swamp!  And why not? Cattail Alley is right on the bluff overlooking Conneaut Creek and it’s very swampy on the downward path (I wish there was a path!) to the creek.  Blackie must’ve been weaving his way  through the tall grasses because one morning he had a couple of baby slugs attached to his wringing wet underside!  I was brave; I picked ’em off!

So I start calling ’em swamp cats…and then a little jingle runs around my brain like “Swamp kitty…swamp kitty”… and then a little melody attaches itself …and then I begin to rhyme the lines…and then…birth of the Swamp Kitty song!  So here goes…

Verse I:  Swap kitty, swamp kitty…I have three of them….Swamp kitty, swamp kitty…Let me sing again.

Verse II:  Swamp kitty, swamp kitty…I love to pet your fur…Swamp kitty, swamp kitty…Oops I found a burr!

Verse III:  Swamp kitty, swamp kitty…What did you do last nite?…Swamp kitty, says he…preyed with all his might!

Verse IV:  Swamp kitty, swamp kitty…Now there’s only two…Junior got thumped…and I am feeling blue!


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