#1 It happened in New Zealand…or was it Australia??

Now that I’m back in the States and have settled in, it’s time to write about my adventures.  I have some idea where I’m going with this project, but who knows what surprises! will greet me along the way.  It begins with who I was when Len and I left for NZ on November 6, 2014…


Len adds dimension to my life.  Take an evening sunset on the shores of Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio.  We arrive at the township park via the Metro Motel (our “little bit of fun” mode of transportation).  With ice cream cones in hand, we sit on the park bench.  The sun is sending beams of light across the water.  The brilliance is blinding!  There’s a dark line of clouds resting just above the horizon.  Well, I guess we won’t see the sun set tonight,  I think.  Then Len pipes up, “The clouds look thin.  I see a faint glow and wouldn’t be surprised if the sun pops up right where the glow is.”  Now I too see the glow and wonder, Will the sun pop up?

The sun continues to sink steadily below the dark line of clouds.  I note a family of mom and several kids have arrived and are sitting on the grassy slope near us.   They too are watching the sun go down.  Once the sun sinks below the dark line of clouds resting just above the horizon, I hear,   “That’s it…time to go!” and they scramble together, pile into their car and leave.  Yep! That’s what I would’ve done, I think,  now observing the faint glow is looking more like a burning ember.

My anticipation for a second sunset is gluing me to the bench.  And I’m not disappointed!  The ball of fire continues to drop toward the horizon.  “It looks like an egg,” I comment.  The emerging ball of fire gets bigger and rounder until finally it’s framed between the dark cloud overhead and the horizon below.  I look up.  The sky is scattered with clouds turning shades of pink, a perfect frame for the second sunset.  The glow now sends ripples of pink-tinted water toward the shore.  The ball of fire continues its descent…decrescendo now…smaller and smaller until…blip!  The sun sets…again.  I smile and clap my hands with appreciation!

Now I ask you, why would I NOT want to take this man named Len along with me on a five-month adventure to New Zealand and Australia?  Len is an amazing man.  He sees what is there, but, as for me,  I cannot…until he points it out, that is.  Then the picture magically appears!  It’s so clear I cannot…for the life of me…figure out why I couldn’t see it before!  Ahh…yes!

So I do.  I take this man along with me.  We arrive NZ on November 9, 2014.


6 thoughts on “#1 It happened in New Zealand…or was it Australia??

  1. Neither was I. Writing about my relationship is helping me to understand better what “really” happened during those five months and how the whole experience has changed me. Indeed, he has taught me some positive life lessons, which have forged me (whether I liked it or not) into a better person. I find it unsettling to reread my diary and relive my ambiguous feelings, but I’m committed to follow thru the entire five months. There will be more “Lights! Camera! Drama!” you bet! Thanks for commenting, Cathy!

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