#3 It Happened In New Zealand…or Was It Australia…

I’m not a fan of drama…well, I used to be way back when I was teaching at John R. Lea Intermediate School in Apple Creek, Ohio (circa I won’t go there!).  I would arrive home from school just as “Dark Shadows” was ending and “The Secret Storm” beginning, pour me a glass of Vernor’s ginger ale, prop up my aching  feet and think, What’s for dinner tonight? while the drama unfolded on the screen.

Even though I don’t practice this script anymore (my menus are so very well rehearsed now, I don’t need inspiration!), the cameras do roll now and then (as noted in Dueling Egos).  So…here we go  again…

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  Drama!!

My Recipe for Lemonade

WHACK!  I’m blindsided!  I’ve been in NZ for only 23 days, and I am angry, unhappy and consumed with ATTITUDE!  Why?  Because Len is not behaving as I am accustomed to him behaving.  What is going on?

We’ve been partnered for five-going-on-six years now.  I thought our relationship had already been tested in 2013, when we traveled in NZ for six weeks.  Sure there were a few bumps, but nothing to write home about, sooo I didn’t anticipate any sudden changes in my partner’s behavior.  Already been tested (at least on my part)?  Boy, was I wrong!

Dateline:  Waipu, NZ…12/2/2015…Journal entry:

Len put his brother Frankie on speaker phone.  When Frankie asked me if I was having fun, I responded, “Most of the time, if I can survive your brother’s ego.”  Then Frankie said, “For five months?  I doubt it!”

Sooo just what are these “sudden changes in my partner’s behavior”?  First of all, he’s correcting and criticizing me (Read Dueling Egos).  Len doesn’t normally do  this.  That’s what makes me angry.

But what hurts is what makes me unhappy.  Len likes an audience that appreciates his sense of humor (Don’t we all!).  I’ve been his audience from the git go.  He is very funny…often without knowing he’s funny.

He tickles my funny bone like it’s never been tickled before!!

And remember, I’m the one who was raised in a home without humor!

(Read Desperately Seeking Humor…Incredible and Satirical Tales of a Substitute Teacher, 2002)

Laugh, laugh, LAUGH!  OMG I love to laugh!

Now, at the Clansman, Len has a new and expanded audience.  He is so busy entertaining others that, for the most part, I am/feel left out.  The dimension he has added to my life is decrescendo…decrescendo   …blip…gone!  And I can’t get it back.  Poor little me!

My adventure expectations are dashed!  My lemonade life is dashed!  Poor, poor little me!  All that’s left is lemons.  Sour taste…sour puss…sour grapes…ATTITUDE!

In the meantime, Len is having fun, fun, FUN!!

It’s time to make lemonade!

Dateline:  Waipu, NZ…12/7/2015…Journal entry

Didn’t sleep.  Changed my mental thinking by reading books…Morris West’s The Confession...unfinished work, Aussie died before finishing book…Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Blues

First order of the night is to stop! ruminating.  Reading does the trick! (By the time I left for the States in April, I read at least 15 books, five at The Clansman.  For me, this was unheard of!)

Gina’s Lemonade Recipe

Books are the lemons**

I am the sugar

Ignoring the man is the water

Daily diligence is the stir stick

Having fun again is the flavor!!

**Use only thick-skinned lemons!


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