#12 It Happened In New Zealand…or Was It Australia

Talkin’ like an Aussie…

We had some really fun adventures with Charmaine, Geoff and Colleen.  Not only did they pick us up and drop us off at our next workawayer’s doorstep once…but twice! and in between times kept us well entertained with Melbourne sights and sounds.  Aussie hospitality is AWESOME!!IMG_1903

Anyway, before I get to “Talkin’ like an Aussie,” I gotta tell you more about Charmaine’s penchant for the color red. The focal point of her bathroom was a bright red   flat-bottomed,  rectangular shaped basin! Stunning!  No can find a pic in my files.  So sorry!  But here’s a shot of Charmaine’s red shoes she loved to wear!


(Horseshoes for good luck!!)


Charmaine turns to me and whispers, “We’re goin’

sticky beakin’.  “Sticky beakin’?” I repeat…and think to

myself, What the hell’s that!  I stand back, watch and snap

away while Colleen and Charmaine “sneak” up on the

gate…I’m just a clueless American playing follow-the-

leader and hopin’ nothin’ dangerous…or scary!…lies


Charmaine gives us the “All clear…come on in!”


Horseshoes for good luck!!

Where am I?  What do I see?? IMG_3406

We’re  on the Sorrento-Portsea Artists’ Trail, situated along the bluff overlooking Port Philip Bay located on the southern end of Mornington Peninsula.

Jiminy!  What a spectacular view!!



To the right is “Sorrento from Point King”,IMG_3388

an oil painting by Sir Arthur Streeton

(1867-1943).   He’s just one of 14 artists

featured along the trail.





Gates along the trail are frequent….Just open….close….and keep on goin’…




Charmaine is ambushed along the way…

Sometimes Mother Nature gets the last laugh!  And, if I’m quick about it, there’s an amusing photo op too!!




“Private Property” signs pop up on both sides

of the trail, one leading to palatial palaces and

the other leading to the bay shore docks.


Around the bend you can look back and see where you were and the private staircases leading from the trail  to the shore below.



Thumbs up for sticky beakin’!

Thanks Charmaine and Colleen!

More fun times with C,C and G coming up!












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