Gina Blue
Conneaut, Ohio USA

Bio: I did it!! I lived my dream! I’ve “lived” in another country…well… two, as a matter of fact: New Zealand and Australia. So what’s next?? Well, for starters I’m blogging about my adventures in NZ and AU. What did I learn? In what ways did my adventures change me? Will I do it again? Why? or why not? It’s called ginablueblog where I write about It Happened In New Zealand…or Was It Australia…I’m up to post #10. Join me for #11!

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14 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry this reply is so late…I’m still learning about computer language and how things work/interact. I think you are referring to my adventures in NZ/AU. Yes, very exciting! And even more fun going back in time and writing about them.I know the adventures have changed me and I’m exploring how I have changed. Thanks for your comment!

  1. Lights! Action! Drama! Melodrama? I like to fantasize too! What might have been; could have been; might be; could be. Sometimes I wake up from sleep and dreamily carry a dream scene forward into its illogical(?) conclusion! Could have been mode…You are a very good writer, Gina.

  2. Your tagline and image meet so simply yet perfect when you start scrolling down and the trees in the image start to come into view. I look forward to more reading.

  3. You sound just like me in your ‘about me’
    I have always dreamed of living some where else too, and Wales (im assuming you are talking about the UK) Is my favourite place I like to dream of living. Its really very beautiful. If I lived in London however, I think id drive myself insane, because the price of beer is crazy stupid :~) also im not to keen on crowds of fast paced suited and booted people, who think there shit don’t stink. im generalising of course, London has some amazing people watching opportunities too.

    • I did go to the UK in 1995. t was the 50th anniversary of VE Day and the bells were tolling all over London. OMG how awesome!! I also spent a wkend with a friend’s family in Wales before heading home. The trip I am blogging about was 3 mo in NZ and 2 mo in AU. I’ll post more adventures when Writing 101 is finished. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Sorry for delaying my answer. Unfortunately, I discovered your comments to my blog sent to my spam file. Albeit beladetly, I thank you for your nice words and requite tribute to your own blog where you give an interesting, pleasurable, narrative & documentary description of your vacations.

  5. Hi Gina. I enjoy your SOH and your SOA (Sense of Adventure).

    I am a fellow blogger (although not an adventurous fiction-writing one) from your next-door-neighbor-county in Ohio. Hailing from Northeast Ohio, you may enjoy some of my photos.

    • I’m a native of Ashtabula County…what county do you hail
      from?? Funny isn’t it how we don’t attend the popular festivities near home! Well, my partner and I finally did half of the Covered Bridge Festival and had a great time! I learned about barn quilts and we are thinking about doing one. For sure I’ll check out your photos. Thanks for the invite!

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